For those who would like to volunteer as docents at the Tollkeeper’s Cottage

1.     What the Museum offers you:

§  The opportunity to learn about the history of our roads, and of  one of the oldest tollgate cottages (circa 1835) surviving anywhere in Canada, and its surrounding neighbourhood.

§  The chance to improve your public speaking and interpretive skills.

§  The occasion to work a fine group of dedicated volunteers in a convivial setting..

§  The chance to help preserve local history by educating visitors to the Cottage 

2.    What the Museum asks of you:

§  To learn about the Cottage with the help of our docents, and our library of information.  We have lots of interesting reading material!

§  It would be great if you could make your own ‘period dress’ (we don’t call it a costume!), but lots of help is available! Don’t be put off if this is not in your skill set!

§  To spend about one Saturday a month shadowing the present docents, until you are ready to lead tours of the museum on your own.