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Photos - Cottage Restoration Progress
As Discovered in 1996 #1
The Tollkeeper's Cottage as it was when re-discovered, incorporated into a neighbourhood home. This is the original Tollkeeper's Window. (May 1996)
  Severed from House #2
The Cottage is carefully severed from the later structure and removed. (July 1996)
Moving down Davenpory #3
The Tollkeeper's Cottage being transported along Davenport Road to its temporary resting place. (July 1996)
  TTC Hillcrest Yards #4
The Cottage rested in the Toronto Transit Commission Wychwood yard until a new home was found and funds raised to start the restoration. (May 2001)
Layers Removing #5
The many layers of roofing and siding are removed to lighten the load on the ancient structure before the cottage can be moved again. (May 2001)
  Original 1835 Clapboard #6
A vestige of the original 1835 clapboard siding is discovered and used as a precise pattern for the replacement boards.
Parade Accompanies the Cottage #7
A parade, starting on Christie St., accompanies the cottage to its new home. (July 2002)
  Close Up of Parade Participants #8
A closer look at some of the parade participants. (July 2002)
Cottage Placed on Prepared Foundation #9
The Tollkeeper's cottage is placed on its prepared foundation in the park at Bathurst and Davenport, near where it was first built. (Jul/Aug 2002)
  New Sills #10
Volunteers place new wooden rabbetted sills under the cottage to replace the rotten original sills. (Oct. 2002)
Verticla Plank Construction Obvious #11
The new sills are in place and the vertical plank construction clearly revealed. The area where a post-war picture window had been cut in has been restored. (Oct. 2002)
  Labels "Restored 2002" #12
Replacement boards are clearly labeled"Restored 2002" with brass tags to distinguish them from the originals for future studies. (Nov. 2002)
Applying New Clapboard #13
Volunteers starting to apply the replacement clapboard with handmade nails. (Nov. 2002)
  New Clapboard - Orignial Front Door Found #14
Volunteers installing the new clapboard. The original front doorway has been found and a new door frame installed. (Nov. 2002)
Donated Stones from 1835 Bolton Building #15
Stones salvaged from a house of the same vintage have been donated by the Town of Caledon for the new foundation. (May 2003)
  1830's Stones, 1830's Mortar #16
The stone foundation wall is made with mortar made the same way as in the 1830's. (June 2003)
Removed Floorboards Reveal Original Hearth #17
The location of the original stone hearth is discovered as the old floor boards are removed. (Jan/Feb. 2003)
  Floorboards being Numbered and Cleaned #18
The original floorboards are numbered, cleaned and saved. (June 2003)
Replacement Joists in Place #19
Replacement floor joists are in place. (June 2003)
  Old Beam Revealed - Hand Hewn Lathe #20
The restorers find a hand hewn beam hidden in a wall, apparently taken from an even earlier structure. Note the hand split lathing. (July 2003)
Original Door from Earlier Days. Fort York? #21
One of the original doors is cleaned to reveal it had been previously installed. Curiously, it matches a door in Fort York. (June 2003)
  Cedar Shingles being Hand-Finished #22
Volunteers Dave Hanna & Roberta O'Brien hand finish the cedar shakes with draw knives. (Aug. 2003)
Chimney Rebuilt, Roof Going On #23
The cedar roof is going on and the chimney has been rebuilt using hand made bricks. (Aug. 2003)
  New Roof & Siding, Original Door & Window Openings Restored #24
The cottage with its new roof, new siding and its original door and window openings restored. (Aug. 2003)

Volunteers doing the Spring 2006 clean up, with the back of the new classroom addition in right background. (April 2006)

The new skylight and roof on the classroom addition were completed in time for Winter 2005-6. (April 2006)
Jane Beecroft and Larry Priestman admire the compact and efficient hot water boiler. The cottage and classroom are heated by water pipes embedded in the concrete slab foundation. (April 2006)


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