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  • Opening of the Cottage July 1 2008
The Tollkeeper's Bulletin
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. We are open Saturdays  from 11am to 5 pm.   We will limit the number of visitors.  Visitors must be masked and vaccinated  We look forward to having people in the museum again!

NEW WALK!  Members of the Community History Project can join one of our docents on our guided neighbourhood walks.  And as a member, you can bring a friend on the walk!  If you would like details of upcoming walks in Seaton Village, Tarragon Village, the Christie Pits area, the West Annex, the Casa Loma area, or the East Annex, email us!  We will add you to the list of local history enthusiasts and let you know of dates and times!

After the most recent walk to Christie Pits, , there will be repeats of some earlier walks, as the summer progresses. And maybe another new walk!


Reminder: our regular membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st.  If your $20 membership has lapsed, you can renew  ..


We have an interesting line-up of activities to get us back to socializing (all things permitting). We'll have a mix of the old and the new. We'll herald our new garden at the end National Pollinator Week in June with a chance to show off the new plantings. We'll also do a trivia evening, scavenger hunt and much more!

   There is a sign cottage open , on the lawn when the cottage is open..

Take a tour of the cottage..



Jane Beecroft our founder, passed away Oct  10 2021.

Our deepest condolences go out to our long-time member and docent, Doreen Moor-Mapes, on the death of her husband, Barry Mapes March 30. Barry was a member of the York Pioneer and Historical Society and the Community History Project where he served as President of our Board of Directors. On special occasions you may have seen him in uniform performing reenactments as Sergeant of the 2nd Regiment of the York Militia. Barry was also our "tinsmith" who plied his craft at a booth during many of our outdoor events. He helped with many projects inside and outside the Cottage, including setting up our Cottage tree this past Christmas.

We have some new and updated slide shows on the site!. Please check them out here.

We also added two little buttons next to this scoller so you can go back if this scroller is too fast for you!

Please keep us in mind during this spring season. If you would like to make a donation or pay a membership fee, you can now do it in the modern way online! We can now receive an e-transfer at our email address! Donations and membership fees will receive an income tax receipt in February.


Send us an Email to tollkeeperscottage@gmail.com . Thanks for your support..

The Community History Project that manages the Tollkeeper's Cottage Heritage site has various collections of materials in its archives focusing on local history, places and people. We have restored and run the cottage museum for 12+ years and our not-for-profit; charitable organization.

We can still use help of our supporters in the heritage community in locating a more permanent, more economical space of 500 to 1000 sq feet to house our collections or your help with increased donations to help pay for the temporary storage.

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Educational class tours (in English or French) or Educational adult tours can be arranged. (teachers and administrators may wish to print out the brochures referenced)

The Tollkeeper's Cottage
The oldest structure
of its kind in Canada - now
a museum about tolls, roads,
and nineteenth century life
owned, restored and operated
by the
Community History Project
(now a charitable organization)

Located at the corner of
Bathurst St. and Davenport Rd.

(Toronto, ON)
in The Tollkeeper's Park.

Community groups can use the space for meetings also

Look for the Blue Canoe near our commemorative birch trees. Thanks to the wonderful people at City of Toronto Parks Department, the David Suzuki Foundation, and the Mississaugas of the Credit for making this possible.

There are gift-type items for sale at the museum such as: books on local history, hand-made pure soap, knitted wear, walking tour guides, recipe collections.

We have Tollkeeper's Cottage Tee shirts for sale
We have just started selling hand-made dolls' clothes suitable for American Girl and other 18 inch dolls.

Volunteers wanted eg we need a spinner volunteer-- so people can watch us spin yarn.

See a video tour and a virtual tour of the Cottage

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The Tollkeeper's Cottage
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