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The site's already been designated a Historic Site by the City of Toronto, and National Historic Site designation is expected soon! But we need your help to get there! Just send us an e-mail. All who contribute to the restoration in any way become part of the history and are recorded in a Donors' Book and in a time capsule.

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Museum Docent positions available

Volunteer at the Tollkeepers Cottage We have volunteer possibilities in several areas. You could be a Docent; dress in period clothing; or work in Archiving/research, funding applications, construction etc. Volunteers span many age groups. High school students (and others) can apply your volunteer work towards volunteer credit for graduation. You might develop your interest in history, towards a future career in the area. If you are retired, you may find volunteering here can help focus your interest. Many of our volunteers work during the week, and find the fact that we are open on the weekend convenient for their scheduling.

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For history buffs interested in what to do with inherited treasures and in “antiquing” around the province, here are examples of some of the items still being sought for the Tollkeeper’s Cottage collections:  wooden pains, an adult-size wooden yoke (for carrying pails), tin wall sconces for candles, dishes (plates, soup bowls, cups, saucers, etc.), period clothing and shoes, bed sheets (cotton or linen only), and toys for children.  All items must be pre-1860 and be of the sort that very poor people would have been able to afford or possess as hand-me-downs from other families.

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All donations of cash, materials or services are appreciated.

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